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An excerpt:

Labor Day may be the unofficial end of summer (and the kickoff to the fall fashion season), but temps are still soaring. Navigate the long holiday weekend with some fabulous fall-toned styles.

STORY: Min A. Lee

Summer’s Last Hurrah: Labor Day fashion
Minan Wong Fitted Sleeveless Ponte Top, $110,
Blue Shirt Shop Mercer Shirt, $158,
E. Shaw Jewels Lapis Lazuli Articulated Bracelet, $150,
101.Watch Christian Paul Whitehaven Grid Watch, $139,

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101.Watch -Article

In partnership with 101.Watch‘s article/blog section, I share with you some styling advice featuring the amazing brands you can find at With a keen eye on the designer watch industry both internationally and here stateside, Sona and Karel work together to pick out timeless, yet modern, pieces that perfect for today’s street style fans.

From Karel, “selling wristwatches that are made by small, independent manufacturers was our main goal. We wanted to allow to our customers to own unconventional and trendy, yet affordable, timepieces.”

Read an excerpt from the article below and see some of the favorite blue styles:

From The Runway To Your Wrist

Min A. Lee x 101.Watch

Get on board with all the blues from the Fall 2016 Fashion Week shows with watches from Christian Paul and TechnoSport!

Balmoral Grid 43mm by Christian Paul Watches Aviation TS-100-3AV by TechnoSport Watches  

Dreamline TS-100-16 by TechnoSport Watches

Riverside and Airy Blue are the selected pantone favorites for their calming properties and complementary ease. In this world of fast fashion and digital influence we work to find you designs that stay on top of these runway trends, but also provide a sense of exclusivity. Everyone looks for that statement piece that will pique conversations, and 101.Watch favorites Christian Paul and TechnoSport provide just that!

With a vivid blue leather band and contrasting grid face, Paul’s unisex Balmoral time piece can be combined flawlessly with your fall neutrals. Think tailored trousers and a sports jacket, add in a pocket square of the same bold hue for sophistication. We tend to opt for darker navy, but you’ll find the brighter color of Balmoral is very diverse.

Balmoral Grid 43mm by Christian Paul Watches



If your closet is full of athlesiure and urban wear, shop our TechnoSport brand. The Aviation TS-100-3AV’s mix of blue silicone and rose gold hardware provide that cool, streetwear vibe. With excellent craftsmanship that looks and feels like a thousand dollars on your wrist, you’ll find it’s actually quite budget friendly.

Also another blue option for fall is TechnoSport’s Dreamline TS-100-16. You’ll always capture attention with the neon yellow second hand. The best part about TechnoSport timepieces is the 10 ATM water resistance. You can swim or shower with them without retaining water damage. Definitely break these out for your most active days!

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The Idle Man – How To Wear & Style White Shoes

Article written for – Menswear

Excerpt from How To Wear And Style White Shoes, read the full article here.


White shoes don’t have to be limited to your plimsolls and sneakers, there’s a variety of dressier options available to you. Don’t let the colour intimidate you. Let us help you navigate the tricky world of wearing white shoes to keep you looking style savvy.  

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Men’s white shoes aren’t exclusively contemporary. If we take a quick peek at the history of footwear, white shoes were quite popular during the 1920s. Brogues were favoured in brown or white. Other commonly worn styles were two-tone Oxfords and saddle shoes, both sporting the same beloved combination of brown and white. Rather formal during that period, white has now breached through those dressy boundaries.

The main concern with any vivid colour is the risk of standing out to much. Therefore, when trying out more formal types of white shoes, you may find it can be difficult to pair them with black or dark blue pants. You’re dealing with two extremes of the spectrum, and they can come off as being too flashy during special occasions. Depending on how you style these opposites, you can find a middle ground between the two. Finding that compromise is what will keep your appearance tidy rather than kitch.

Contents [show]

How To Wear White Shoes

With Casual Clothing

Starting off on the easier side, white sneakers are simplest to work with. Due their casual nature, this is when you can pair dark trousers or denim with white trainers. There is more give to relaxed outfits. Sweatshirts and t-shirts are ideal if you are aiming for athleisure. Work in a plaid button down shirt and roll up the sleeves. Distressed denim is another go-to that looks flawless with white trainers.

Also, graphic designed tops and jackets are a great choice. These clothing styles won’t over or underwhelm your shoes. In fact, white is a great canvas for working in more avant-garde styles.

outfit grid mens white shoes sneakers plimsolls trainers
SHOP THE LOOK: Vans – Trainers and Plimsolls

With Semi-Formal And Business Casual Clothing

Office settings and cocktail events can be tricky for white shoes. You can’t wear your favorite trainers, so your options settle around Derby brogues, monk straps and sleeker ankle boots. Avoid patent leathers, and look at smoother grades and nubuck leathers. They’ll have a softer appearance that’s easier to style. Suede leather will prevent your outfit from looking overly formal.

Tailored trousers and more fitting bottoms will help show off your shoes. You don’t want to cover up the white. It will look as if you’re trying to mask your shoes. Properly hemmed lengths only help you add sophistication to your look. When it comes to colours, pale dove grey and light beige work well. These tints complement white shoes for men. They don’t create a huge break in your appearance either.

If your style preferences tend towards the darker or brighter side, there are ways to make white work for you. You may be surprised, but bright colours like coral and royal blue look amazing. Going for shorts will help tone down the high intensity of the white. Wearing dark trousers or jeans with a lighter blazer or sports jacket will also have the same effect. Paying attention to accessories will help draw eyes to your entire outfit as opposed to just your shoes.

With Formal Clothing

Working with Oxfords is probably the most challenging task. Traditionally these shoes are black or brown. White on the other hand, despite being more uncommon, actually comes up quite a bit at weddings. The groom won’t always be wearing black. You’ll come across all white tuxedos, or white bottoms with a black jacket. In these specific cases, white Oxfords are a perfect match.

Another way to work white in to a formal situation is pairing it with a light grey suit. You want to keep it tailored and very neat. Tie-clips will help drive in the formality. Wear a shirt that you have to use cuff-links with. Since you aren’t going for the tuxedo, you want to keep everything as elegant as possible.

outfit grid mens white shoes oxford grey suit pocket square
SHOP THE LOOK: Selected – Blazers
PHOTO CREDIT: Pinterest | Sebastian Cruz Couture

Your shoes need to be especially clean. Given the colour, try to keep them clean in the best way you can. If you aren’t too sure about how to get rid of dirt or scuffs or you’re wondering how to keep them polished, check out this handy tutorial below. When in doubt, have them professionally leather cleaned to avoid further damage.

Best White Shoes

Here at The Idle Man we’ve covered some of the best shoes a man can own in every colour and pattern. Looking at white specifically, here’s a breakdown on some of the top picks to add to your collection.

All White Shoes

  • Converse has been creating their classic sneakers since 1917. The All Star, originally made for basketball, is now one of the most famous styles worn by men around the world. When we think of classic, all white shoes, All Stars comes to mind pretty quickly. They’ve become iconic within the art and music worlds, they’re all over film and television, and Converse is now a true household brand .
  • Nike has roped in a gigantic following with their Air Force 1 style. Avid fans of streetwear brands will keep on top of every new release. You’ll see people queuing outside stores hours before a new design is about to drop. A huge proponent of hip-hop culture, the crisp all white Air Force 1 has hardly changed from its first introduction in the 1980s.
white converse and nike
SHOP: Converse – Trainers

Men’s White Loafers

  • Vayarta put their own spin on white loafers with a chicer, more minimal design. The sole is made of a flatter and softer leather similar to that of an espadrille. This is a change from the usual hard leather and rubber covered heel. Slip them on with a pair of chino shorts and a chambray shirt for the weekend. Their no-nonsense design makes them easy to pair with any type of accessory.
  • Tod’s keeps their loafer design very classic. If you’re not a fan of contemporary looks, Tod’s consistently traditional design across all their loafers and moccasins make their men’s white loafers a solid choice. Easy to slip on and off, these luxurious loafers can be dressed up or styled to fit your relaxed wardrobe.
white loafers collage
SHOP: The Idle Man – Shorts | Bags and Wallets
PHOTO CREDIT: Vayarta | Tod’s

Men’s Summer Shoes

  • Sperry’s white boat shoes are a must-have for summer. They keep their boat shoes looking current with updated fabrics. Crisp white canvas that’s easy to care for will make your boat shoes perfect for wearing them daily. To maintain that fashion forward appearance, don’t grab your usual t-shirt, wear your white boat shoes with an edgier white button down.
  • Birkenstock creates the ultimate men’s summer shoe with their most well-known Arizona sandal. The wide double straps and simple design has left some to wonder how to wear them stylishly. It’s definitely possible with a pair of skinny jeans rolled up and a short sleeve shirt or a solid, clean t-shirt. You’ll look surprisingly sharp.
  • SUAVS’ white mesh slip on is extremely breathable for that summer heat. If you’re going to be running around all day, comfort is key. The leather strap helps hold the shoe’s shape and add a bit of modern detail to the all-over mesh. These are the perfect shoes to go sockless with.
outfit grid mens white shoes summer sandal slip on shirt jeans
SHOP THE LOOK: Sperry – Shoes | The Idle Man – Shirts
PHOTO CREDIT: Sperry | Pinterest | SUAVS Shoes

For the top white shoes to add to wardrobe head to and shop for your favorites!

Composure Magazine – Seaside Views

Trend story + Layout done for Composure Magazine’s most recent print issue available here. For more fashion, beauty and celebrity stories and in-depth interviews be sure to visit Composure Magazine weekly!

From the story:

“Wanderlust visions of exotic beaches and Mediterranean blues inspire a sartorial rainbow of turquoise, cerulean and every blue in between.”

Side Note: Before Fall completely takes over, be sure to check out this summer inspired ocean blues that will carry on those sunny days a bit longer! Featuring some favorite pieces from E. Shaw Jewels, Bernardo, Fornash of Swell Caroline, EyeBuyDirect, ViX Paula Hermanny and Muehleder.

Summer layouts have always been a favorite of mine to work on because the trends are so feminine and colorful after several months of darker tones. I do love how women work trending pantone palettes into pieces that may not necessarily fit the current fad. I hope you find a ton of inspiration from this range of blue for your daily dressing. ~ Min – 12 Shoes Every Man Should Own

Article written and up on, read the entire piece here. Be sure to read all the latest menswear style advice and shop for all your menswear needs at IDLE. 

An shortened excerpt:

Whether you’re an avid footwear collector or just starting to put together your essential pieces, with our extensive guide you’ll know all about the 12 shoes every man should own – that includes you. 

Read more Men’s Style Guide features

Shoes have an interesting history. From functional to flashy designs, it can be easy to feel lost in all the details. As a whole, footwear is extensive. A simple wander through a history museum will show you how shoes have evolved through centuries dating back to Ancient civilisations. Now, we look at shoes and there’s endless styles to choose from, and new ones popping up regularly.

Shoes can amp up more simple outfits, or create clean, minimal lines for a more sophisticated look. Colours no longer stop at the neutral palette, and you’ll find that vivid prints are available too. No matter what your personal style’s like, there are pairs out there that will match everything you love. We’ll now take you through the 12 must-have styles that will help you be at your very best, and we’ll show you how to wear them.

Contents [show]

Oxford Shoe

Oxford Shoes are often confused with Derby Shoes, but there are marked differences between the two. Here’s the easiest way to tell them apart: closed or open laces. To put it briefly, you’ll see a line of stitches underneath the vamp for an oxford versus more space and no stitched line with a Derby.

When it comes to styling, the oxford shoe is much more formal. These are the ones you see being paired with tuxedos, and a lot of times you’ll come across shiny patent ones. You might not feel you really need a pair, but it doesn’t hurt to invest in a decent set of Oxfords. There will be occasions you need to break out a tux – weddings and holiday galas come up quick.

mens shoes oxford dark brown leather
PHOTO CREDIT: Pinterest | SHOP: Formal Shoes

Derby Shoe

The Derby shoe on the other hand, you can wear with your suits and at times really sharp denim if you’re going for a business casuallook. The open space on the vamp feels slightly less formal, but there’s still a clean, minimal design to the derby shoe that you get with the Oxford.

Good for date nights and semi-formal events, the Derby is a huge favourite and a forever a classic among men’s shoes.

outfit grid mens shoes oxfords derby style
PHOTO CREDIT: Pinterest | SHOP: Formal Shoes


With their unmistakable perforations, brogues have more range than the Oxford or Derby. Being shoes that can go beyond the casual direction, they’re great for sports jackets and button down shirts. You can wear them when you suit up for the office or try a colourful suede pair to catch eyes.

You don’t have to stick to tradition. Many designers and brands are creating soles out of lightweight foam and cork for an extra summer casual look. Surprisingly durable, these styles could become your weekend favourite in no time. Dealing with rain or snow, here’s a helpful guide to sporting brogue boots – never hurts to have both at hand.

mens shoes brogues brown black men style
PHOTO CREDIT: Pinterest | SHOP: Formal Shoes


Loafers, depending on the material, can come off dressy or be very casual. Going for a nice neutral leather will help you compromise between the two. Easy to slip on and off with a moccasin-like construction, the loafer has quite a bit of history behind it. There isn’t an exact starting point on its origins, but it comes down to either Norway or England. Regardless of which version is correct, this leisurely design came about in 1920s Europe.

Fast forward a little and G.H. Bass company introduced their Penny Loafer in the 1930s. Widely accepted and appreciated for having no laces, and an easy design, their loafer is still very much loved today. You may see them worn about your workplace, which is possible, or take a cue from a favourite street style shot of ours. The t-shirt and blazer with distressed denim gets a touch of elegance from well-made leather loafers and a statement pocket square.

It’s a perfect example of how to use accessories with your shoes to finish off a look.

loafers collage
PHOTO CREDIT: Pinterest | SHOP: Loafers

Monk Straps

Monk shoes fall in-between your Derby and Oxford shoes. Named for historically being worn by monks, Monk shoes remain one of the best shoes for men. From single to double strap, you’ll also find them with brogue patterns. Though they had to find a proper place between being for formal or casual situations, styled right they can fit both occasions.

If you need to pair them with a suit, stick to black and brown. It’s sleek and with no strings to deal with, the monk strap shoe looks seamless with well hemmed trousers. This is definitely an ultra stylish men’s shoe. Want a pair that can fit your denim days? Try them in different coloured leather and suede. As time progresses, designers get more adventurous. You can find monk shoes in royal blue, green, several shades of red to oxblood, we’ve even seen a few on the avant-garde side. Wear your bottoms cuffed and try printed socks if you want to be more daring.


Composure Magazine – When In Rio

Currently up on Composure Magazine – a trend story and layout design featuring colorful fashion to inspire you for the upcoming Rio Olympics!

Composure features excellently penned celebrity stories and interviews, the best beauty you can find for every skin-type including Beauty Editor, Anna M. Park’s most favorite finds and a ton of fashion to help you adjust you wardrobe season to season, or where to invest in classic and timeless pieces.

From the article:

When In Rio
Explore your adventurous side with flamboyant prints and vivid colors fit for the beauty of Brazil.


This is your chance to really explore some bright colors, stripes and prints that you might otherwise pass up. We really loved the blues, greens and magentas for this trend story round-up.

It never hurts to stand out a little or a lot, especially when you dress with confidence. You can always try tailored pieces in royal hues to help keep things on an elegant side. For the die-hard minimalist and monochromatic fans, just adding the tiniest splash of blue or even a deep green won’t take away from your favorite styles.

A couple of our favorites are Stellaria Designs and MAMAZOO for intricate, yet fun jewelry and accessories! 

The Idle Man – How To Dress Business Casual

New article written for the Idle Man up today, read the full piece here. Shop all your menswear needs with

An excerpt from How To Dress Business Casual – Min A. Lee:

Learn how to navigate the business casual dress code for your summer office attire. We put together our favourite pieces to keep you comfortable while maintaining a professional and smart appearance. 

Read more Men’s Style Guide features.

When it comes to dressing for your 9-to-5, the grey area between sleek tailored suits and getting away with denim is challenging. Depending on the work environment, business casual allows men a chance to express individuality without overstepping those bounds into losing respectability among their peers.

The challenge is finding what looks work best for your environment as well as your style, and keeping a balance between business appropriate wear, and a comfortable outfit to help you get through the day. With everything from business casual suits, shoes and trousers to choose from, we’ll help you through the minefield and help you find a look that will work for you.

What is Business Casual for Men?

Business casual. It’s a term that gets thrown around a fair amount, but what exactly is it? In simple terms business casual is similar to smart casual, but tends to relate more to your work environment, and so can adapt according to your surroundings. If you’re in a traditional office where people tend to wear suits and ties, then you might be more limited to what casual aspects you can incorporate into your wardrobe. However there are still ways that you can keep your outfit comfortable as well as smart, and this is what business casual is really all about.

Business Casual Suits for Men

Normally, when we speak of suits it’s about formality. In the case of business casual you can still pull off a tailored suit. It comes down to knowing your fabrics. Cashmere, silk and velvets are best for those evening occasions. Heavy weight wools even worsted wools are a no-go for summer. Aim for:

  • Linen
  • Cotten
  • Polyester

You may find these light weight fabrics wrinkle easier, but are much more breathable for the warm seasons. They may not have the luxurious appeal of fine wools, but you’re wanting for a more relaxed vibe to begin with. Keep the colours on the lighter side and the cuts well-fitted. If you really prefer dark grey and black, you can always lighten things up with a cool patterned shirt. Usually socks and suits go hand-in-hand, but you can skip on them for summer.

mens outfit grid smart business casual suits
PHOTO CREDIT: The Idle Man | SHOP: Suits

Business Casual Blazer

There’s more freedom that comes with using a blazer, single or double-breasted. You can pair it with different coloured trousers for personality. Though as with all men’s business professional attire—keep it tailored. You want to avoid looking unkept. Make sure the length of your trousers are hemmed properly.

On the other hand, this is the chance to explore different textiles. Generally, blazers are solid to help define them from sports jackets, and neither come with matching pants. We will go into the difference between the two later on.

Here’s some other style points to consider:

  • Pass on wearing a tie.
  • Sport a good quality t-shirt underneath.
  • You can get away with unbuttoning the collar.

Make sure that you follow complementary colour rules. Check out this quick guide to understanding the colour wheel. Having a chance to play with style doesn’t mean avoiding all the rules. You don’t want to clash.

outfit grid mens business casual blazer
PHOTO CREDIT: The Idle Man | SHOP: Blazers

Business Casual Jeans

The main question is, are jeans business casual? Yes and no. There are ways to make jeans fit into the mens business fashion category. Of course, this is if your office allows it.

First here’s what not to wear:

  • No distressed denim, whether purposely done for design or not. Distressing is strictly casual men’s fashion only. Your boss doesn’t want to see holes all over your pants and if you are dealing with clients on a regular basis, they don’t either.
  • No fabric that’s showing wear patterns around the knees and seat. Those pairs need to stay in your weekend pile.
  • No heavy whiskering or edgier dye jobs, such as acid washes. It doesn’t look as professional as it needs to be for men’s business casual.

With the blues, keep it clean and keep it dark. Summer tends to be the time for lighter blue washes, but darker is sharper. It looks more confident in the work place. You can go for monochrome blacks and blues or step out in high contrast with lighter tops and jackets.

If you really want to try colored denim, look for solid pale grey or beige, neutral tones. White is another option that can look savvy. There are a spectrum of jean colours out there, but the vibrant ones look more well-groomed when worn as a trouser.

Mainly, if you are going for jeans, everything needs to be immaculate. From the jacket to the shoes—make sure they all fit you correctly, nothing baggy, especially the jeans. Preferably keep to a blazer and a crisp button down to help take away the lax appearance of denim.

For more on dressing business casual follow the link above. 


Composure Magazine – Fashion Forward Fourth

Story and layout for Composure Magazine.

To read the full story and shop all the links to your favorite styles, click here!


Audrey Magazine – Poshmark CEO Manish Chandra

Looking back at interviewing Manish Chandra, founder and CEO of powerhouse app Poshmark.

Feature Photo: Poshmark’s Founders Clockwise From The Upper Right: Manish Chandra, Tracy Sun, Gautam Golwala And Chetan Pungaliya

By Min A. Lee

“With the holidays fast approaching, shopping for gifts can be stressful especially if you’re working with a budget and a short timeline.  However, we found a great solution for those on the hunt for womenswear, accessories, and shoes to give: Poshmark, a smart phone, as well as web-based, selling platform founded by CEO Manish Chandra, Gautam Golwala, Chetan Pungaliya, and Tracy Sun.  First released in 2011, Poshmark now boasts over 10 million items from over 5000 different brands that are available for sale and continues to gain new members rapidly.

You know how friends love to share their closets with each other?  Imagine being able to look through hundreds and thousands of closets full of designer brands, many of which are new and still have their tags.  We even found a lovely, brand new Rag & Bone leather trim moto jacket that originally retailed for $660 available for only $200! Even if you find a hidden gem that isn’t quite within your spending range, there are on-going sales and promotions and a streamlined option to negotiate with sellers on their listed price.  The ease, accessibility, and fast shipping make it highly appealing for shoppers.  You’ll be able to find that last-minute present just in the nick of time!  Also, some of our favorite style bloggers, like Wendy Nguyen from, can be found on Poshmark selling some of the luxury pieces seen on their popular blog posts.

While other shopping apps do exist, Poshmark is a leader with annual sales reaching to the hundred million range, all while being just four years in since its launch.  To learn more about this highly successful app, we asked CEO and Founder Manish Chandra to share with Audrey readers more about what inspired Poshmark’s creation, early challenges in development, and the future he envisions.

Audrey Magazine:  When did you first find an interest in fashion and e-commerce before tying it to your technology, education, and background?  Was there any specific inspiration behind Poshmark?

Manish Chandra:  My first foray into fashion was through my first company, Kaboodle, the first social shopping website. The idea to build that company came to me as my family was redecorating our house and found it challenging to share inspiration, ideas, and products with each other online. As Kaboodle began to take off and find success, we saw it was mostly women who gravitated towards social shopping, specifically around fashion which became a huge category for us. Beyond sharing inspiration and products, we saw a lot of women wanted to buy merchandise directly from each other, but the site wasn’t really built for that. Hearst Magazine eventually bought Kaboodle to add social and commerce into their media properties. After a few years with Hearst I knew I wanted to create a community-centric marketplace for fashion where women could easily share, buy , and sell all in one platform. The concept of Poshmark came to life one day in my wife’s closet when I saw how many of the items she had bought had never been worn, yet they still sat in her closet with tags on them. Fashion is a $350 billion industry in the U.S. alone and once items are bought and worn, they really don’t have an easy exit. The idea came back to me to create a social platform for buying and selling fashion but I felt like the technology wasn’t quite there yet. Then in summer of 2010, when the iPhone 4 came out, I saw within it the key to creating a community-centric marketplace – from the phenomenal quality of the camera to the the 24/7 real-time connection that the proliferation of smartphones provided.  I assembled a small team and we launched Poshmark in December of 2011.

With Poshmark, we set out to build a very engaged community of women who would come together in the app to shop each other’s closets. We took away all the pain points associated with buying and selling (payments, shipping, customer service, and marketing), creating an engaging and fun shopping experience that women could participate in no matter where they are. We made it simple and fun to take what’s in your closet and create your own boutique on your phone – leading women to upload the equivalent of an entire Nordstrom’s store worth of inventory into the marketplace every week.

AM:   What were some of the main challenges during Poshmark’s early days, from initial ideas to planning and finally launching the hugely successful app?  

MC:   The biggest challenge we faced early on was building an entire marketplace within a mobile app.  At that time, many people believed that a mobile app was just an extension of the web property and while important, was not critical to success.  We placed a huge bet, not only to go mobile first but to go mobile only.  Fortunately, we saw where the fashion consumer was heading and knew that in order to be successful at social commerce, they needed to be able to connect with one another and transact seamlessly from their phones.

AM:   Poshmark is built around not only consumership, but social networking. There’s a heavy amount of user-to-user interaction.  Do you feel that the “community” aspect is a large part of your app’s success?

MC:   Our community is at the core of everything we do at Poshmark. We took a very people-centric approach to building a marketplace.  It’s really engrained in our culture. For example, when we first started Poshmark, we used to host small events to recruit the first community members to learn from and listen to.  In the early days, we were excited to have five people show up to one of our events.  It was really about connecting around style and shopping each other’s closets.  We’ve implemented a lot of those opportunities to meet and connect in the app, for instance our virtual shopping parties which we host three times a day around different themes and categories.  The importance of nurturing this type of offline, personal connection has scaled as we’ve grown – participating in the Poshmark community is a lot like shopping with friends, giving you plenty of opportunities to discover and meet new people whose style you’d like to shop.  Sellers also help one another become successful, sharing each other’s items to their followers and mentoring new sellers as they join the platform.  And for the parties? We still host them all around the country, with attendance reaching up to 350 people.  Our community has also begun throwing their own meet-ups, taking relationships that start Poshmark into the real world, and supporting each other beyond just buying and selling.

To continue reading the full article click here!


All photos courtesy of Poshmark and Audrey Magazine.

Composure Magazine – Surf, Swim, Sun

Trend Story for Composure Magazine! Make sure to check out the magazine site for more celebrities, fashion and beauty.

Surf, Swim, Sun 

  • As temps keep rising, express your personal style with on-trend swim styles and accessories, ideal for poolside barbecues and beach parties.

Be sure to click the link above to find where you can shop each of the looks and accessories.

On a side note:

Pairing swim wear with body type can have its challenges, but keep in mind what styles speak to you. Are you more of a retro-vintage fan or a go big and glamorous? Perhaps simple is how you tend to gear your wardrobe.

Regardless for every category you find yourself leaning towards there are suits and sets that will accentuate your beauty or cover those “trouble” areas you prefer not show. Sometimes it is trial and error to find what you personally feel is your best. You might find more than one cut works out great as well. Limiting yourself to wearing one style because swimwear guides say it’s so doesn’t have to happen. I always feel trying everything on and taking what makes you feel your most gorgeous is all that matters.

Most importantly, make sure you always, ALWAYS, protect your skin (our largest organ) from the sun.

If you don’t know where to begin, I definitely suggest checking out Composure Magazine Beauty Editor Anna Park’s stories—Shields Up: Sunscreen Basics and Screen Time. Both which share several worthy products to keep the rays at bay, also directions on getting the best out of your sunscreens.